Acuity ELM is the leading cloud-based enterprise legal management solution, providing a transformative suite of legal spend management tools that can reduce spend, increase productivity, and improve spend outcomes for claims litigation and legal operations teams.


Take advantage of an intuitive, fully-featured legal hold software that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system or that can be used as a stand-alone product.


The Acuity Firm Scorecard uses historical data to provide a real-time assessment of your firm’s performance, measuring year-to-date KPIs such as the number of matters handled by the firm, total invoices pending, total paid to date, and total write-downs.

Built for Claims Defense & Legal Ops

With Acuity’s robust suite of legal spend management tools, your claims and corporate legal departments can reduce spend, increase productivity, and improve spend outcomes and transparency.

Reporting and Analytics

Acuity’s reporting and analytics engine helps your team glean the intelligence they need to answer complex questions and generate more favorable outcomes.

The Acuity Difference

What sets us apart from our competitors? Simply put – We work smarter. We work faster. We are a team of lawyers, developers, thinkers and data scientists building the smartest enterprise legal management software on the market.

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Product Highlights

Acuity launched in 1995 as the first cloud based legal management solution, and since then has been consistently first-to-market with the smartest and most sophisticated offerings to support our clients.

Matter Management

Organize, track and relate all of the information related to a case or claim– and establish coordinated, consistent legal strategies that are built on your organization’s best practices.


Manage your spend through Acuity’s powerful eBilling module: automate and enforce billing rules, reduce unnecessary legal costs, and improve communication and transparency.

Analytics & Reporting

Get the quantitative answers you need to shape your legal strategy, support your recommendations and operate in your organization as a true business partner.


Harness the extensive knowledge of your entire team – onsite and across the country – to improve the quality of your legal strategy as a whole. Connect through Outlook, shared documents, and site-wide witness and parties databases.

Legal Hold

Acuity clients can take advantage of an intuitive, fully-featured legal hold system that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system or use it as a stand-alone product.

Acuity Mass Tort

The only enterprise legal management software that provides eBilling, claims management and reporting tools specifically designed to manage the unique challenges of mass tort litigation.

“Acuity is easy to learn and use. Compared to others, it is straightforward and uncomplicated and I wish we could use Acuity for all of our billing. I like that it allows for many filters and sorting of matters.”

“Call and speak to a customer service representative and see for yourself the exemplary service that they provide. They will walk you through product set up every step of the way.”

“I love everything about Acuity. It’s easy to navigate and find everything that you need and if you can’t find what you need or having trouble they have a “chat” button at the bottom on the right hand side that will connect you with someone from support to help you with your problem.”

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