We know you have big jobs to do. We’re here to increase efficiency and keep you focused on the big picture. We also know you have a ton of vendors to choose from. With Acuity turning 25 in 2020, we have worked with multiple industries, developed best practices, implemented small and large businesses and have the case studies to prove it.

Acuity has converted many clients from other ELM providers over the last 25 years, including TyMetrix, Legal Tracker/Serengeti, and BottomLine. We make it as seamless and effortless as possible. You can also take our product for a test drive using the Acuity GreenRoom. We want you to be 100% happy with our product before you buy.

These are the top five reasons clients find Acuity to be superior to their previous systems:

  1. Reporting & Analytics – Acuity’s reporting and analytics engine helps legal teams glean the intelligence they need to answer complex questions and generate more favorable outcomes. Customize reports and build complex queries to answer specific strategic questions.
  2. Integrations – Our approach is to leverage your current systems and workflows to populate your new system, to make sure all systems talk to each other efficiently and securely by building integrations as needed. Our goal is to ensure your systems are in sync, your data consistent, your workflows even more efficient.
  3. Implementation – Acuity’s goal is to get you and your team up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We work to make sure your stakeholders realize the success of their efforts. We set up expectations upfront, we establish clear and achievable milestones and we have fun while doing it!
  4. Security – Acuity stores all data using bank-grade encryption and is stored in an enterprise-class secured hosting environment that is backed up daily.
  5. Firm Adoption – 100% firm adoption for e-billing. There’s no reason for a firm to not use Acuity. Firms can upload their bills as Ledes files, or firms can create invoices directly in the software.
  6. Keeping Our Promise – At Acuity, we’re committed to keeping our promise of developing personal, long-term relationships with each client we serve. “Call and speak to a customer service representative and see for yourself the exemplary service that they provide. They will walk you through product set up every step of the way.” –  Client User

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