Acuity ELM is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges facing law departments in the Financial Services industry.  Matter Management, eBilling, and Analytics are intertwined to provide clients with comprehensive oversight into their legal operations – from matter efficiencies, cycle times and c-suite reporting options to automation of accrual and budgeting processes, and enforcement of outside counsel guidelines, our user-friendly, configurable system allows clients to capture and cross-reference the data that is specific to their businesses.

Here are five reasons our Financial Services clients love Acuity:

  1. Intuitive – Acuity is the most intuitive and scalable ELM solution on the market, ensuring 100% adoption by both the client and the firms.
  2. Solutions – Acuity launched in 1996 as the first web‐based legal management service, and since then has been consistently first-to-market with the smartest and most sophisticated offerings to support our clients, including an artificial intelligence tool, disaster recovery, and live accruals.
  3. Reporting – A full suite of interactive dashboards and the ability to easily report on your data separates us from our competition.  Our analytics tool is best in class reporting at your fingertips.
  4. Support – Our team has years of legal accounting experience providing the expertise you can rely on to meet your business objectives.   Acuity maintains industry-leading account manager to client ratios and is committed to same-day response to phone and electronic inquiries.
  5. Competitive Pricing– Acuity’s core business is Legal Spend Management software, specializing in matter management, e-billing, and analytics.  With our industry-leading expertise and competitive pricing combined we work with our clients to maximize ROIs.