Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing a Vendor/Cost and Benefits

Is my legal department too small to see benefits from this type of software?

Acuity works with companies of all sizes whose legal spends range from $500 thousand to $500 million. The benefits range from streamlining processes to creating efficiencies, reducing spend, and capturing metrics to drive business decisions.

Do I need to submit a RFP?

No. Acuity recommends making a high-level list of requirements, then see what the market has to offer. Read our blog: What You Should Include in an Enterprise Legal Management Software RFP?

The options available can be overwhelming. What is most important when selecting a vendor?

That depends on your business needs and goals. The best place to start is by making a list of priorities with your team.

What kind of ROI can I expect?

You are guaranteed to reduce your legal spend by 10% just by implementing a system. Depending on your goals, billing guidelines and business processes you can reduce spend by up to 30%.  

So, how much is it going to cost?

Typically, Acuity charges its clients a percentage of the legal spend that is approved through the system and a small one-time implementation charge to get you up and running. Call us. We’d love to chat about this in more detail.

Implementation and Training

How long does implementation take?

Implementations average between 6 weeks and 3 months, depending on the level of complexity and the participation from your internal IT resources and other vendors.  Learn more: Implementation

What type of training do you provide?

Acuity will provide comprehensive training to your in-house team at time of go-live, either in person in your offices or via webinar, depending on your business needs. Acuity’s Account Support teams will provide on-going support and consultation to guarantee you experience the maximum benefits of the system.

Is there a cost to my firmS?
No. There are no charges to your firms.
Will you support my firms?

Absolutely! We provide free and unlimited training to your firms and on-going support via phone, chat and email. You focus on the legal issues; we’ll handle the technical support.

Product Features

Do I have to purchase any special hardware or equipment?

No. You’ll simply access Acuity through your internet browser. And because we are a SaaS provider, you’ll automatically have access to all upgrades, and any maintenance is done on-line, usually overnight, with no impact to your business.

Do you support multi factor authentication?

Yes. We also support SSO.

Can Acuity integrate with my Claims and A/P systems?

Yes. And whenever possible, we recommend system integration as a best practice. 99% of our clients have integrated systems; Acuity has built successful integrations with just about every system out there, even “home-grown” systems.

I have Counsel in Europe and Asia. Can they use your product?

Yes. Acuity accepts internationally formatted Ledes files and converts the currency to USD (and back again) so you don’t have to.

Where can I get a list of all Acuity features?

Here: Products

How do I see a demo?
We handle a large volume of Toxic Tort cases. Can Acuity help?

Acuity is the only legal spend management provider with a platform dedicated to solving the unique billing challenges associated with mass tort and class action litigation. We can help you reduce your spend up to 30%.

Do I have to use acuity elm software if i want to use the firm scorecard?

Yes. Not sold separately.

What type of reporting can I expect?

Acuity provides full insight into your department and spend through three different types of reports: real-time Analytic Dashboards, Canned Reports, and unlimited custom reports.


Yes, Acuity offers a standalone legal hold product as well as the option to integrate with Matter Management. For more information, please see our Legal Hold Page.

About Acuity

What is the difference between Acuity Management Solutions and Acuity ELM?

Acuity Management Solutions is our company name. Acuity ELM (enterprise legal management) is our product name.

Is Acuity a startup?

No! We were actually the first company to offer legal management solutions as internet-based software-as-a-service in 1996.  You can see our full history here: About

What type of companies do you work with?

Acuity specializes in the healthcare, insurance, chemical and manufacturing, and government industries. However, we have clients across many industries and have the most configurable platform on the market to accommodate all types of legal departments.

May I speak with your current clients?

Of course. We’re happy to provide you with names and contact information.

Are you ready to learn more about Acuity ELM?