The Acuity Difference

We know you have big jobs to do. We’re here to save you time,

increase your productivity and keep you focused on the big picture.

Why Clients pick Acuity over the competition


Acuity’s reporting and analytics engine helps legal teams glean the intelligence they need to answer complex questions and generate more favorable outcomes.

Customize reports and build complex queries to answer specific strategic questions.


Our approach is to leverage your current systems and workflows to populate your new system, to make sure all systems talk to each other efficiently and securely by building integrations as needed.

Our goal is to ensure your systems are in sync, your data consistent, your workflows even more efficient.


Acuity stores all data using bank-grade encryption and is stored in an enterprise-class, secured hosting environment that is backed up daily.

  • Tier 4, SSAE-16 SOC II datacenter, hosted by QTS
  • Intrusion detection with 24/7 SOC monitoring
  • MFA (two-factor authentication) deployed for secure access to all applications


Acuity’s goal is to get you and your team up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We work to make sure your stakeholders realize the success of their efforts.

We set up expectations up front, we establish clear and achievable milestones and we have fun while doing it!


99% firm adoption for e-billing. There’s no reason for a firm to not use Acuity. Firms can upload their bills as Ledes files, or firms can create invoices directly in the software.


At Acuity, we’re committed to keeping our promise of developing personal, long-term relationships with each client we serve.

“Call and speak to a customer service representative and see for yourself the exemplary service that they provide. They will walk you through product set up every step of the way.” -Client User

Keeping our promise – customer support

We have made a promise: to provide superior customer support to all our clients. It is a promise that has endured for over 25 years and truly sets us apart from our competitors. A promise that places our clients at the center of everything we do. And it’s a promise we will keep.

As an Acuity client, you can expect:

  • Same day response to your inquiries.
  • No complicated phone trees or voice response systems.
  • To be on a first name basis with your client relationship manager.
  • Training and support well beyond initial installation – in person, when your team needs it.
  • A well-versed team of former paralegals, legal assistants and billing specialists who have spent a combined 75 years in firm-side and corporate legal trenches.
  • Friendly, approachable associates committed to making things right.

What Our Clients Say

"Your Support team goes above and beyond in assisting our sometimes-challenged users and does it with great patience and a positive attitude."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

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“Acuity is an easy eBilling system and if you have issues the help desk is always polite and knows exactly how to help with my issues."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

default The Acuity Difference

“Excellent, friendly customer service. My favorite part is that you can't move on if you've made a mistake ... so there's no need to second guess yourself."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

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“Very accommodating and understanding of our needs."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

default The Acuity Difference

“Very user-friendly product and the staff is always looking for ways to help improve it."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

default The Acuity Difference

"Easy to use, great customer service, robust product  that leaves little else to  desire."

— A satisfied Acuity Elm client

default The Acuity Difference

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