Responding to overwhelming concerns from the legal community, Acuity ELM recently announced the release of a multi-factor authentication feature for clients on its 4.1 platform. Acuity’s solution meets the standards set forth by NIST and HIPPA, providing an additional layer of security of sensitive and confidential data.

As the leading provider of legal billing and matter management solutions to the healthcare, insurance, and other regulated industries, Acuity has developed this additional security protocol to adhere to the strictest levels of regulatory scrutiny. Inadvertent disclosure of personal identifying information and personal health information is one of the largest risks to businesses today. Multi-factor authentication is one of the best ways to ensure that protected information stays protected.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of verifying who you are that requires the use of more than just a username and password for software or system access. It provides a second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions.  Where required by clients, based on the type of protected data Acuity employees and users may have access to, Acuity will employ NIST – level multi-factor authentication methods to ensure its employees and users are adequately authenticated.

Two-factor authentication, a subset of MFA, is a method of confirming users’ claimed identities by using a combination of two different factors:

  • Something the user knows; and
  • Something the user has

A good example of two-factor authentication is the withdrawing of money from an ATM; only the correct combination of a bank card (something that the user possesses) and a PIN (something that the user knows) allows the transaction to be carried out.

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