We all know that Analytics and Reporting are much more than nice-to-haves; they’re essential to the success of your business. Without them, it’s impossible to accurately judge how well you’re managing your caseload, as well as the vendors you’ve employed as part of your matter management process.

Acuity ELM talks to Legal Operations professionals across the country, and when it comes to reporting this is what we hear time and time again:

  • My software doesn’t offer unlimited custom reporting options.
  • I’m not able to report on every data field in our system without contacting the provider and paying a fee.
  • Our reporting tool is cumbersome and takes an engineer to figure it out.

Acuity ELM has solved these common frustrations by building an aggressive three-pronged approach to Reporting and Analytics.

  • Essentials Dashboards – pre-loaded, formatted graphic Dashboards provide valuable KPI insights into Legal Spend, Firm Performance, Expense Spend and more, with the option to filter the overall focus by criteria such as time period, practice area, and law firm. Schedule your favorite dashboards for delivery directly to your inbox, and into the hands of decision makers in your organization.
  • Advanced Data Download – for the detailed reporting needs unique to any organization, Acuity’s proprietary Data Download feature enables you to pull, filter, and sort all information from your system directly into Excel or .csv for further analysis. And, we’ve enhanced database support for all clients so that downloads run quickly and in the queue to ensure reports are available on demand.
  • Search & Retrieve – simple and handy tools for everyday users in your organization. Each search page in Acuity serves as a mini, but powerful, reporting tool. Whether it’s open matters, budget compliance, or paid invoices, any search is available with a few clicks for quick review. And, as with all of Acuity’s reporting options, searches and filters may be saved to run again and again without recreating the wheel.

Acuity’s Reporting and Analytics engines help legal teams of all sizes glean the intelligence they need to answer complex questions. Learn more about how Acuity can transform the way you look at e-billing and matter management.

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