Feedback is important. Consistent, authentic, actionable feedback is priceless.

Every year at Acuity we solicit survey responses from our client and firm customers, asking for feedback on everything from site-specific likes and dislikes, new features or current feature enhancements, even job responsibilities, motivators, and energizers.

The feature-enhancements, and new-feature suggestions, always provide my favorite insights – what do we need to do to make our customers’ e-billing or matter management activities easier. More productive. More efficient. At Acuity we always say that our best ideas come from our users and I truly believe that. 2017 provided many opportunities for us to act on those ideas. Here’s a taste of new functionality we added to our product, AcuityELM®, this year as a direct result of survey feedback.

  • Wider screen coverage and larger fonts
  • Ability to add multiple attachments at once
  • Clarification of “Draft” status for uploaded invoices, highlighting your ability to correct billing errors and adjustments on the fly before invoice submission
  • Addition of two new dashboards to our Analytics Library
  • Outlook integration (4.0 platform only)

In addition to great new ideas, we also get our fair share of constructive criticism. Sometimes it’s difficult to read comments from customers who find one of our features problematic. Especially when there’s an easy solution available. It’s too bad our surveys are anonymous; we could easily pick up the phone and help the user resolve the issue. However, that also tells me that we need to do a better job educating users about features and short-cuts. It’s a win-win. The user learns, we learn, we develop, users are more productive.

We value the relationships we create with our clients and with the firms who use AcuityELM® software, and we want to hear from you. Sometime in the next month you’ll receive our survey request. Maybe it’s already sitting in your inbox. Please take a few minutes to respond. If you have specific comments or suggestions you prefer to send to me directly, please feel free to do that also at

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