At the heart of any effective legal department are communication and collaboration. This is especially true for matter management, the process of gathering, reporting on, organizing and tracking legal work.

Why collaboration matters

Collaboration tools are a necessity for legal teams looking to improve workflows and boost efficiency. In a legal world that increasingly requires specialized, expert knowledge, it takes smart collaboration tools and methods to erase the boundaries between outside counsel and in-house counsel as they tackle complex solutions.

Matter management software promotes collaboration

Matter management in today’s business environment is often complex and requires communication between many internal and external parties. For modern corporate legal departments, managing matters can encompass a variety of legal work as well as document management. Trying to accomplish this using spreadsheets or a series of decentralized tools can quickly become confusing and a waste of valuable company time.

That’s where matter management software comes in. With collaborative technologies such as Acuity ELM, members of the legal department can handle matters through a centralized, organized system.

For example, matter management software streamlines these collaborative legal tasks:

  • Accessing a list of pending matters.
  • Adding new documents to matters.
  • Working with or responding to client requests.
  • Viewing matter documents.
  • Seeing matter details such as name, status and dates.

These tasks can take much more time to accomplish with traditional tools. Acuity ELM delivers a collaborative tool that promotes matter management collaboration across the entire organization.

Features that make collaboration easy

One of the primary benefits of adopting a matter management system is improving communication and making collaboration easy through:

Cloud-based document management. By moving document management to the cloud, matter management software improves the efficiency of gathering and modifying data. Collaboration is simplified when employees across the organization can access the documents they need from a single database and review work other teams are currently tackling.

Instant communication. With matter management software, teams gain access to instant communication. Outside counsel and in-house teams become able to share documents and case data and interact rapidly.

Having access to up-to-date information and communication improves the response of legal teams as well as the coordination between the two teams.

Reduced duplication. Matter management software allows parties to see what others have worked on already, reducing the risk of duplicating work. Your employees can then put their time and energy elsewhere, boosting productivity for themselves and the organization.

More reasons to use matter management software

Other benefits of using Acuity ELM matter management software for collaboration include:

Seamless integration. Acuity ELM’s software can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including:

  • Finance
  • HR and employee management.
  • Internal document management.

Data conversions. Loading your organization’s historical data into your site lets your teams begin recognizing trends in data immediately.

Improved efficiency through workflows. Tracking the process of creation and approval of work in the legal department at a matter or global level becomes easy with configurable workflows.

By centralizing your matter management, Acuity ELM gives your organization the tools it needs to promote collaboration and productivity across the entire company. Create dynamic teams in your legal department and improve your legal operations by choosing Acuity ELM today.

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