More and more in-house legal departments are moving to automated matter management software to help them organize their cases (and caseloads) and ensure more positive outcomes. Instead of relying on manual matter management (file folders, legal pads, and scribbled notes who-knows-where) adopting a consolidated solution will automate and streamline your processes, ensuring all team members have immediate access to relevant materials, documents, status updates, and case details. A strong matter management software consolidates all-important matter details and processes into one place, including:

  • Opening and closing matters;
  • Assigning internal and/or outside counsel to work a case;
  • Tracking outside counsel and vendor invoices and other spend details;
  • Managing and sharing case related documents and important dates;
  • Analyzing workloads, cycle times, and outcomes.

In addition, your in-house team may have to juggle coordinating with outside counsel, conducting hours of research, and completing multiple processes at once. Having a set of disconnected systems for information retrieval can result in your team having to navigate a complex web of scattered data.

This slows down their ability to resolve matters, increases their workload, and leads to more hours on the clock. When left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to bigger issues such as inefficiencies, missed deadlines, and costly mistakes that can negatively impact your business. Adopting a streamlined matter management software solution can help you prevent these problems and promote more efficient productivity.

Without an automated system in place, it can be difficult to communicate information, coordinate resources, and promote standardization. Additionally, manually editing and moving documents around various databases is time-consuming, prone to errors, and a potential privacy breach.

With automation, however, your team can have direct, immediate access to files and case notes and documents, saving time and improving productivity. Having everything in one place ensures your entire team remains in lock-step on the case progress.

Poor matter management procedures waste valuable time and resources, and risks mishandling important litigation. Adopting a legal software like Acuity ELM improves the way your in-house team handles matter management:

  • Provide accurate reports on the workload and performance of your legal teams;
  • Ensure in-house teams share access to important documents;
  • Track, budget, and report on your legal spend and relate those costs to case outcomes;
  • Review regular status updates; share notes and updates in a centralized location;
  • Collaborate with a unified calendar and document repository.

To learn more about how matter management software can improve your communication, collaboration, and processes, contact Acuity ELM today.