The practice of manually shuffling paper for legal case management has about seen its day, and now software is available to revolutionize that work for your department.

Automating the functions of your in-house corporate legal departments requires robust enterprise legal management (ELM). It provides legal teams with analytics and intelligence, and subject management, e-billing, and collaboration, all of which fuel the development and implementation of long-term legal strategies.

With the right legal financial management features, your legal corporate and claims departments can reduce overall expenses, improve their outcomes, and increase department productivity.

What is an ELM System?

An ELM system is a legal management software by which legal departments can streamline and optimize their legal processes and operations. It includes management in a few main areas:

In matter management, the legal team can create and manage a centralized system that helps it track and manage matters. That reduces time and overall effort makes a more accurate and complete database and controls costs.

With spend management, your legal department can control the costs of outsourced work with counsel firms and other legal needs.

It uses award-winning analytics and reporting to gain intelligence on matters, invoices and rate trends. With settings and data downloads that can be configured, you’ll be able to fuel your legal strategy to new heights.

Necessary ELM features

Out-of-the-box solutions will no longer cut it in today’s competitive and regulated legal industry. Your company needs an ELM system that has all of the features that will enable your business to thrive.

Features you need are:

  • Analytics and Reporting, to provide a real-time assessment of your department’s performance and the value of your outside counsel firms
  • Insights in harnessing the latest technology developments
  • Implementations that will get your team running efficiently and faster
  • Configurations and Integrations that work seamlessly with your other internal systems
  • Security backed by secure-sockets layer encryption and physical and operational security to ensure your data is protected

Why Acuity

When it comes to ELM solutions, Acuity takes the No. 1 spot with G2 Crowd customers.

Acuity offers top-of-the-line reporting capabilities that will allow you to customize your reports and build complex queries.

Its integrations and proven implementation processes will help you make full use of your current systems to populate the new one, ensuring that your data and workflows stay consistent.

No matter how complicated your current system, we keep our promise: we’re committed to developing a personal long-term relationship with you. We want to see your company grow!

Ready to see how the power of Acuity can revolutionize your legal management? Book a demo today.

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