Acuity Insights

Put the power of Acuity Analytics at your fingertips where and when you need it most – in the performance of your day to day activities.

What is an Acuity Insight? acuity-insight-ai-symbol Acuity Insights

Imagine reviewing a monthly invoice from your “go-to” law firm. All previous invoices on this very typical matter have been within a predictable cost range, reflecting the firm’s predictable matter work up. This month the invoice is 5X that typical amount. Will you recognize the spike in billing? Will you remember – oh right, this matter is gearing up for trial; this deal is gearing up for final closure; I should be expecting a large expert expense?

AI Acuity Insights

Acuity’s strategically placed AI icon, acuity-insight-ai-symbol Acuity Insights, gives you that insight at your fingertips, providing a quick visual into trends and alerting you to issues:

  • acuity-insight-ai-symbol Acuity InsightsGreen for spending patterns, budget burn downs, and/or attorney and firm performance that are on trend
  • acuity-insights-citrus-icon Acuity InsightsYellow for those off trend or not consistent with previous patterns – inviting you to look at the invoice or budget more closely
  • acuity-insights-fuchsia-icon Acuity InsightsPurple for those significantly off trend – alerting you that this specific invoice, budget, firm, attorney requires even stronger scrutiny

Clicking the AI icon will display a graphic of how the invoice in front of you compares to previous patterns. Likewise, a budget AI in the context of that same invoice will show you a quick burn down chart, predicting exactly when the firm’s budget will be depleted. Thus, enabling you to take immediate action: revise the budget; write down the invoice; make that needed call to your firm.

Why Acuity Insight Matters

Our vision is to give you an analytic insight where and when you need it most. So, you don’t lose valuable time by having to navigate away from your workflow to run a report or view a static dashboard. And you don’t lose a valuable opportunity to proactively manage your budget, your firms and your matter outcomes.

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