Acuity Protect ®

The next level of business continuity and disaster recovery that protects your SaaS investment for the long haul.

Acuity Protect’s comprehensive approach to disaster recovery and business continuity ensures your move to the cloud is best for your business, your risk profile and your budget.


  • Comprehensive Contingency Plan ensures continuous access to proprietary data and Acuity ELM application.
  • Full Recovery Environment activated by neutral third-party Infrastructure-as-a-Service experts at NEC.
  • Premium Technology Escrow includes documentation, test plans, run books and server configurations – not just source code.
  • Administration, Testing and Review by Iron Mountain delivers additional level of always-on vigilance.


  • 24-Hour Disaster Recovery of Acuity application and data via secured second data center.
  • NEC Data Restoration Services extracts proprietary data in common format.
  • Automated Hourly Replication preserves an exact image of Acuity ELM’s software and data in virtualized, secure environment.
  • Iron Mountain’s National Data Center is located 220 feet below ground in a former limestone mine, mitigates the adverse effects of natural disasters.


  • Dedicated Acuity Technologists can customize your disaster recovery platform to meet and exceed the requirements set forth by your Governance and Compliance teams.
  • Acuity Escrow and Infrastructure Specialists can design and stand up a business continuity plan based on the unique needs and preferences of your in-house stakeholders.

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