Acuity Firm Scorecard

Use real data points to measure your outside firms for better outcomes with the Acuity Firm Scorecard.

The Acuity Firm Scorecard uses historical data to provide a real-time assessment of your firm’s performance, measuring year-to-date KPIs such as the number of matters handled by the firm, total invoices pending, total paid to date, and total write-downs.

imac-mockup-at-a-workstation-desk-a21161 Acuity Firm Scorecard

The firm is also compared to the performance of other firms on attributes such as:

  • Average legal spend per matter
  • Average number of distinct attorneys working on each matter
  • Average cycle time (from assignment to matter resolution)
  • Average blended hourly rate
  • Average total matter costs (legal spend + other costs such as indemnity, etc)

Dynamic filters enable analysis with all firms used, or law firms handling matters of a specific region, state and/or type of legal work – thus facilitating a stronger comparison.


Screen-Shot-2019-05-02-at-2.02.04-PM Acuity Firm Scorecard

Your Score

Based on the attributes selected, each firm gets a score: a weighted algorithm of all the above comparisons  – showing you which firms are your best performers, which are in the middle, and which are your lowest performers. The algorithm is configurable – you can determine which aspects are most important and which are least important to you. A few examples of how to use it:

  • Annual meetings with your firms, encouraging best practices and highlighting areas for improvement
  • Panel counsel selection, ensuring your highest performers are assigned the work best suited to their strengths
  • Matter assignment, determining which counsel is most appropriate and most efficient for specific matters going forward

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What Our Clients Say

"The site is very easy to navigate and understand. Everything is laid out in a simple format where you can see errors/missing rates easily and also correct any issues or enter missing information directly to the invoice. I wish other eBilling sites were as straightforward as Acuity."

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