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Analytics and Reporting

Fuel your legal strategy with irrefutable data and forward-thinking business intelligence.


  • Acuity Insights – gain at-a-glance intelligence on invoice, matter, and rate trends and benchmarking.
  • Analytics – tap into business intelligence-driven dashboards with daily data refresh to ensure accurate, up-to-date legal spend and matter management analysis across practice areas, matters, law firms, timekeepers, and tasks. Filter to narrow or expand the focus on the information you need.
  • Permissions – grant Analytics capabilities to team members with confidence, knowing that they will only access data you’ve already given them permission to view.
  • Configurable settings – save your filtered dashboards to your preferences.
  • Delivery – schedule auto delivery of dashboards to individuals and groups.
  • Data Download – take advantage of unlimited custom reporting options by selecting any fields within the site and downloading to excel or csv, saving those reports for future use – always with current data.


Document every step of the invoicing and payment process, including enforcement of your billing guidelines and adjustments. Integrate seamlessly with your internal accounting and claims systems.


  • Invoice Review –review the invoice at any level – from a high-level overview to timekeeper and task summaries, to line item details. Powerful filters enable you to automatically hone in on trouble spots and make adjustments from any view.
  • Compliance – enforce billing guidelines automatically and empower your firms to resolve any issues before they can submit the invoice, thus greatly reducing rejections and appeals.
  • Acuity Insights – gain immediate insight into what’s important to know about an invoice before you ever start your review. If there’s an issue, we’ll highlight it for you.
  • Inquiry feature – proactively resolve billing questions before making an adjustment, with Acuity’s proprietary inquiry feature. Eliminate the need for post-payment appeals and awkward phone calls.
  • Allocations – allocate matter costs across multiple business units or related claims.
  • Invoice Workflows – configure by practice area, matter, invoice or matter limits, and individual; auto escalate invoices after a certain time frame.
  • Timing Compliance – ensure invoices are submitted timely and within established deadlines based on matter status.
  • Timekeeper Rates – review, edit, and approve proposed rates, and enforce rate compliance by date and practice area.
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Matter Management

Organize, track and relate all of the information related to a case or legal issue and coordinate, consistent legal strategies built on your organization’s best practices. Centralize your legal case details. Track the full lifecycle of every matter. See the big picture across your entire portfolio of cases and claims.


  • Details –build consistent matter profiles and validate data using intuitive entry forms and automated data validation; designate primary and secondary persons responsible for the matter and restrict access to matters based on unique roles for in-house and outside counsel.
  • Documents – store, profile and search documents and other materials in a central repository on a matter for quick reference. Documents may be shared across multiple matters under our Exchange module.
  • Legal Holds – initiate, manage, report, and release legal holds, track responses, custodians, survey responses, and documents.
  • Self-Insured Retention/ Reserve Management – track spend on matters subject to SIR or internal reserve limits and configure the system to send post-retention amounts to specific payors.
  • Resolution – track matter resolution, settlement/ indemnity costs and details that can be combined automatically with matter legal spend to capture total matter costs.
  • Budgets – implement and enforce budgets for each firm quarterly, annually, by specific term or by life of the matter. Track budget to actual spend on each invoice so you’re never surprised by a budget limit.
  • Budget Compliance – ensure budget compliance and receive notifications for certain spend thresholds.

Legal Hold

Acuity clients can take advantage of an intuitive, fully featured legal hold notification and document preservation system that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system.


  • Creation of Specific Holds – create specific document requests or document hold notices from your legal hold profile. Add multiple tasks to a specific request. Direct each request to one or more individuals or to a unique group of recipients.
  • Notification and Monitoring–a full audit tracking history of all legal hold activity.
  • Configurable Reminders -set automatic emails to recipients alerting them to outstanding requests, advising them of the legal hold status, and reminding them of their hold obligations.
  • Document Preservation – Document Preservation recipients can upload responsive documents directly to the Legal Hold Documents tab, where the Legal Hold manager can view for further retention.
  • Legal Hold Dashboard – a SMARTDashboard that you can view, track, and manage all aspects of your legal holds in one place.
  • Template library – choose your template, preview the request and send to the designated individuals and /or groups. Acuity provides standardized notices you can reuse to ensure reliable, repeatable processes.
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Improve consistency of legal representation and quality of outcomes by putting vital intelligence at your team’s fingertips – wherever they are, whenever they need it.


  • Calendar – create and share calendar events with internal and external resources. Calendar events relate to specific matters but can be viewed site-wide or based on permission.
  • Party Management– tap into your team’s Party Database to review profiles and related documents on witnesses, mediators, judges, and opposing counsel.
  • Document Management – store documents, briefs, correspondence, and key legal memoranda.
  • Outlook – integrate your Collaboration databases with Outlook to share and store vital case information directly from your desktop.
  • Eliminate redundant fees by relying on standardized best practice templates.
  • Encourage lockstep alignment of in-house and outside counsel throughout the entire matter lifecycle.