e-Billing Software

Document every step of the invoicing and payment process, including enforcement of your billing guidelines and adjustments. Integrate with your claims and AP systems seamlessly.

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  • Invoice Review –review the invoice at any level – from a high-level overview to timekeeper and task summaries, to line item details. Powerful filters enable you to automatically hone in on trouble spots and adjust from any view
  • Invoice Auto Approval -auto approve invoices with low values and no or few noncritical billing rule exceptions
  • Compliance – enforce billing guidelines automatically and empower your firms to resolve any issues before they can submit their invoices, thus greatly reducing rejections and appeals
  • Acuity Insights – gain immediate insight into what’s important to know about an invoice before you ever start your review. If there’s an issue, we’ll highlight it for you
  • Inquiry feature –proactively resolve billing questions with Acuity’s proprietary Inquiry feature. Eliminate the need for post-payment appeals and awkward phone calls
  • Allocations – allocate matter costs across multiple business units or related claims
  • Invoice Workflows – configure workflows by practice area, matter, invoice or matter limits, and individual; auto-escalate invoices after a certain time frame
  • Timing Compliance – ensure firms submit invoices timely and within established deadlines based on matter status
  • Timekeeper Rates – review, edit, and approve proposed rates, and enforce rate compliance by date and practice area

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