Acuity has been creating legal management solutions for 25+ years. We’re partnering with some of the largest claims and corporate legal departments in the country, developing solutions to streamline the invoicing process, collaborate on matters and claims, budget outside counsel, and report on all metrics pertaining to this part of the organization. 


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Claims Defense

We’re partnering with some of the largest claims teams in the country, developing solutions to streamline their workflows, reduce their legal spend, improve their collaboration with outside counsel and produce more favorable outcomes.

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Legal Operations

Acuity provides Legal Ops teams smarter solutions to help manage budgets, costs, create increased efficiencies, and outside counsel spend and engagement.

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Legal Hold

Take advantage of an intuitive, fully-featured legal hold software that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system or use it as a stand-alone product.

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Mass Tort Manager

The first of its kind e-Billing, claims management and reporting software solution is designed to address the advanced workflow complexities faced by legal teams that coordinate and administer mass tort defense strategies.

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Who should use Acuity ELM?

  • Claims and Risk departments
  • Legal Operations teams
  • You have an existing e-Billing product and want to significantly increase savings with AI-influenced invoice review and analytics.
  • You have no systems in place and want to start centralizing your matters, e-Billing, invoice review, accruals, and analytics.
  • You want to replace a legacy product that is not meeting your needs.
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We invite potential clients to spend a few days exploring the Acuity GreenRoom – your opportunity to test drive the product before you start making decisions.

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