Analytics and Reporting


Acuity’s reporting and analytics engine for Claims Defense helps your team spot trends, analyze counsel performance and forecast and improve outcomes.


  • Acuity Insights – gain at-a-glance intelligence on an invoice, claim, rate trends and benchmarking.
  • Analytics – tap into business intelligence-driven dashboards with daily data refresh to ensure accurate, up-to-date legal spend and claim management analysis across claims, law firms, timekeepers, and tasks. Filter to narrow or expand the focus on the information you need.
  • Permissions – grant Analytics capabilities to team members with confidence, knowing that they will only access data you’ve already given them permission to view.
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  • Reporting quickly run daily summaries of open matters, assignments, invoice statuses, etc; or customize reports and build complex queries to answer specific strategic questions.
  • Access standard report templates  including adjustments on approved Invoices, firm and timekeeper comparison and excessive time billed.
  • Configurable settings – save your filtered dashboards to your preferences.
  • Delivery – schedule auto delivery of dashboards to individuals and groups.
  • Data Download – take advantage of unlimited custom reporting options by selecting any fields within the site and downloading to excel or csv, saving those reports for future use – always with current data.
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