Centralize, track and relate all of the information related to a case or legal issue and establish coordinated, consistent legal strategies built on your organization’s best practices.

Track the full lifecycle of individual claims; see the big picture across your entire portfolio of cases and claims.


  • Details –build consistent claim profiles and validate data using intuitive entry forms and automated data validation; designate primary and secondary persons responsible for the claim and restrict access to claims based on unique roles for in-house and outside counsel
  • Document Management – store, profile and search documents and other materials in a central repository on a claim for quick reference
  • Legal Holds – initiate, manage, report, and release legal holds, track responses, custodian compliance, responses, and documents
  • Resolution – track claim resolution, settlement/ indemnity costs and details that can be combined automatically with legal spend to capture total case costs
  • Budgets – implement and enforce budgets for each firm quarterly, annually, by specific term, or by life of the claim. Track budget to actual spend on each invoice so you’re never surprised by a budget limit.
  • Budget Compliance – ensure budget compliance and receive notifications for certain spend thresholds
  • Self-Insured Retention/ Reserve Management – track spend on claims subject to SIR or internal reserve limits and configure the system to send post-retention amounts to specific payors

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