A legal hold is a legal mandate to inform all parties and potential evidence custodians that litigation is imminent or anticipated of the need to preserve potentially relevant information that paper documents and electronically stored information (ESI) must not be altered or deleted.

Implementing an automated legal hold solution is more necessary now than ever: failure to comply or enforce appropriate legal hold procedures can result in dire legal consequences and fines; and tracking all the notices and responses across your organization can be tedious, even without the added burden of managing custodians who are working remotely. 

Acuity has addressed these needs and created a powerful legal hold solution offering a quick and cost-effective way to improve and/or automate your workflows.

Acuity’s Legal Hold platform makes managing your Legal Holds easier, while at the same time ensuring that you are fulfilling your responsibilities and documenting everything along the way:

  1. NOTIFICATIONS: notification management and tracking
  2. REMINDERS: configurable automatic reminders of legal hold obligations
  3. TRACKING HISTORY: a full audit tracking the history of all legal hold activity
  4. TEMPLATES: a template library of standardized notices you can reuse to ensure reliable, repeatable processes
  5. CUSTODIAN DATABASE: profiles and history for all custodians and potential custodians.

Acuity Legal Hold also integrates seamlessly with our ELM matter management tool for even more workflow efficiency.

To learn more about Acuity’s Legal Hold offering, or any of our legal management tools, please contact us here.