A powerful legal hold solution offers a quick and highly cost-effective way to improve and/or automate your workflows. Reduce the ever-present risk of costly court cases and let the software take on the burden of tracking, notification, collection, and follow-up.

In order to maximize your workflow, make sure your Legal Hold software offers the following features:

  1. NOTIFICATIONS: notification management and tracking
  2. REMINDERS: configurable automatic reminders of legal hold obligations
  3. TRACKING HISTORY: a full audit tracking the history of all legal hold activity
  4. TEMPLATES: a template library of standardized notices you can reuse to ensure reliable, repeatable processes
  5. DOCUMENT PRESERVATION: do you hold documents on behalf of your custodians? If so, look for solutions that offer document collection and preservation management

Here at Acuity, we are releasing a new intuitive, fully-featured Legal Hold product. Acuity Legal Hold includes the features above and provides you with a comprehensive analytics dashboard, so you can see the status of all your legal holds in real-time. Acuity Legal Hold also integrates seamlessly with our ELM matter management tool for even more workflow efficiency.

Acuity has been offering Legal Hold in their 3.5 product for years. We are armed with best practices and happy to roll this out in our new platform. Learn more and book a demo to see it in action!