I read recently that at least 70% of small in-house legal departments are considering adopting a matter management system. My initial reaction? “Smart folks.” Here’s why:

  1. You’ll keep the information that’s important to you. With Acuity ELM you can create customized matter summaries to share with your team, your outside counsel, your researchers.
  2. You’ll save your back and lots of trees. No more files, binders, and bankers’ boxes. Store relevant documents and relate them to specific matters or witnesses. Later, quickly search the entire document database to retrieve similar type documents or materials with shared characteristics.
  3. You’ll stay current. Schedule meetings, dates, and appointments that you can share with co-counsel and integrate directly into your Outlook account.
  4. Your team will stay current too. Save correspondence and documents directly from your inbox to a matter record, and record case notes ideas, and comments. Then decide who has access to which information.
  5. You’ll share key information about key people important to your matters. With Acuity’s Parties Database, you can search your entire site for information, testimony, and documents related to your witnesses, experts, judges, and opposing counsel.
  6. You’re never without access (unless you want to be). A good Matter Management system – like Acuity ELM – goes with you. Everything you need to know about a matter is housed in one convenient paperless mobile system that you can access at any time from anywhere.

Acuity ELM offers all of these features – and more – as a stand-alone Matter Management system or integrated with e-Billing and A/P systems. With Acuity’s robust suite of legal spend management tools, your claims and corporate legal departments can reduce spend, increase productivity, and improve spend outcomes and transparency. Book a demo to see how today.

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