Don’t leave your IT department out of the loop when you choose and implement your ELM system. This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many corporate legal departments neglect this essential step. Whether it’s your first ELM system or a replacement for one that no longer meets your needs, your IT department needs to be involved, and invested, in the process. Convincing IT of the value of ELM and that the vendor, Acuity, will provide stellar support will bring them fully onboard.

Why Your Legal Team Needs ELM

The right ELM system empowers your legal department to collaborate with outside law firms more effectively and with better transparency. Show IT that you need a software solution that integrates these applications:

Matter management. Tracking and managing all aspects of your department’s legal matters requires a sophisticated system connected directly with outside counsel, so information, deadlines, and documents are at your fingertips.

Legal document management. IT knows the importance of your legal documents. Effectively managing them requires that you and outside counsel can collaborate in lock-step while creating, editing, approving, storing, retrieving and searching documents.

E-billing and spend management. You can’t set and stick to your budget without easy-to-use-tools that allow you to monitor the costs of outside legal work on both an issue and an aggregate basis.

The best ELM systems, like Acuity’s, do more than enhance collaboration with outside firms. They also provide the analytics you need to evaluate the firms you manage and to determine which cases to handle in-house. Make sure IT understands that ELM analytics drive your strategic decisions because of quantitative information:

Identifies potential savings. Standard hourly rates sometimes cost much more than flat fee arrangements. Analytics allow you to predict how long a matter should take so you can insist that a firm charges the less expensive option. Irrefutable data also shows when there is no need to use an outside firm.

Highlights success. Not all firms and timekeepers are created equal. Analytics enable you to choose the most productive ones.

Compares billing strategies. Law firm billing rates for similar tasks can vary across states and regions. Acuity analytics enable you to compare costs for each case.

All-star Vendor Support

The last thing IT wants is a vendor that drops a new system at its door and then vanishes. When choosing an ELM provider, ensure IT this will not happen. At Acuity ELM we:

  • Provide same day response to inquiries.
  • Do not use complicated phone trees or voice response systems.
  • Offer training and support well beyond the initial installation in person, when your team needs it.
  • Employ friendly, approachable associates who are committed to making things right.
  • Staff a well-versed team of former legal professionals with a combined 75 years’ experience working at firms and in corporate legal departments.

If IT knows you’ve found a vendor that can make its life (and yours) easier, it will provide the buy-in you need, one of our keys to a heavenly implementation.

Acuity ELM’s innovative legal management platform and superior support after implementation are all your IT department needs to know about your next ELM system. Book a demo today.

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