We are now seven months into the COVID-19 pandemic and our lives have been forced to settle into a new normal. One of the changes precipitated by the pandemic has been a dramatic increase in the flexibility of where many of us work. While relegated to a select few companies in the past, work from home has now become commonplace for many industries, including many legal operations departments.

This leaves us with the questions: how has this new work environment changed the legal industry, and what changes should we anticipate? Thankfully, we live in the technology age when working from home or a place other than the office is possible for many people, but this change in the workforce is sure to have an impact on the legal industry going forward.

Below we share snapshots from several of Acuity’s employees’ work from home spaces, along with how they believe this new era of work will impact legal operations going forward, and how we at Acuity are equipped for the challenge.

“Remote work is nothing new to us at Acuity. We fit in well with this new way of working because we have the infrastructure and the experience to succeed at it.” – Hamilton Bryan, Business Data Analyst

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“Virtual collaboration requires more thought leadership and intentional action to maintain productivity and creativity. This lends itself to more efficient meetings and getting more done in less time.” – Danielle Powers, Product Owner

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“This new way of working has accelerated the need for tools that improve a legal ops department’s organization, collaboration, and communication. Acuity makes this easier by storing all of the information related to a matter or invoice in one secure location so that teams can operate business as usual.” – Peter Ferguson, Sales

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“Working from home has given Acuity more communication channels to collaborate on new projects for our clients. We have rolled out more features, better workflows and created more innovative outcome-focused analytics in 2020 than ever before. Plus, we aren’t done. Stay tuned for our Q4 announcements.” – Cara Hill, Marketing

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How is your department adjusting to this new normal? If you find that you need a better solution to meet the demands of today’s legal industry challenges, reach out to us. We’d love to discuss how Acuity can meet your needs.

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