Acuity Legal Hold

Acuity clients can take advantage of an intuitive, fully featured legal hold notification and document preservation system that seamlessly integrates with Acuity’s ELM system.

smartmockups_jx4xr9b0 Legal Hold


  • Creation of Specific Holds – create specific document requests or document hold notices from your legal hold profile. Add multiple tasks to a specific request. Direct each request to one or more individuals or to a unique group of recipients.
  • Notification and Monitoring–a full audit tracking history of all legal hold activity.
  • Configurable Reminders -set automatic emails to recipients alerting them to outstanding requests, advising them of the legal hold status, and reminding them of their hold obligations.
  • Document Preservation – Document Preservation recipients can upload responsive documents directly to the Legal Hold Documents tab, where the Legal Hold manager can view for further retention.
  • Legal Hold Dashboard – a SMARTDashboard that you can view, track, and manage all aspects of your legal holds in one place.
  • Template library – choose your template, preview the request and send to the designated individuals and /or groups. Acuity provides standardized notices you can reuse to ensure reliable, repeatable processes.

Our powerful legal hold solution offers a quick and highly cost-effective way to streamline your automated workflows. Reduce the ever-present risk of costly court cases and let the software take on the burden of tracking, notification, collection, and follow-up. Blog post: Top 5 Features Your Legal Hold Software Should Have