You’ve been using an ELM system for 1 year, 5 years or 10 years…and have amassed a treasure trove of data. How do you make it work for you? Does your current system allow you to report on ALL your data?

Acuity ELM provides multiple ways to access and harness ALL of your data. Whether you are an everyday power user, a business analyst charged with deep dive analysis, or a C Suite executive looking for trends to inform your business strategy, Acuity provides it all.

Our goal is to give you access to all your data and to provide it to you intuitively as part of your business workflow:

  • As a power user, you need quick access to basic information – such as what are all of the open matters assigned to me? What invoices are in the pipeline for review by matter manager John Smith? Every one of Acuity’s search pages embedded throughout its platform is a mini report in itself, enabling you to use multiple filters to search for and download the data you want. And you can name and save each search for easy retrieval.
  • As a business analyst, you’ve been charged with analyzing billing patterns for several specific attorneys and need a detailed report of all billed items for these individuals over a span of several years across all matters. Acuity’s Data Download is your answer. Through this powerful tool, you can select, sort, and download the most granular of invoice or matter detail, such as the specific date, time, individual, billing category, hour, rate, description, billing rule violation, final approved payment of individual items of billed time. Or maybe you need a report of all legal spend allocated to a specific business unit or individual claimant over time – again the data download feature is your “go to” tool. Here as well you can name and save favorite queries for future access.
  • As a GC or VP of Claims, you need high-level visibility into your overall legal spend, your panel firms, your most prolific attorneys. You need to forecast future budgets and need alerts or insights into those high-profile matters costing your department the most. You need to be able to spot aberrations in billing patterns and matter processes. You need the ability to determine when to assign matters to outside counsel and which firm would be best suited to handle such matters. Acuity’s SmartDashbords suite is the answer. These BI dashboards give you clear insight into your legal management trends, are highly interactive, to enable you to zone in on a particular practice area, region, firm or group of firms to keep you informed. These dashboards as well can be configured by the user, saved and scheduled for periodic delivery to your management team.

Analytics where you need it: Acuity provides quick Acuity Insights within your workflow, such as a quick budget burndown chart on your matter or invoice, illustrating your budget to actual dollars, or an invoice trending pattern on your invoice review page, indicating invoices that are on trend, that will need some review and that are significantly off trend – requiring a more in depth. Our newest insight is a Firm Scorecard, accessed directly from the firm profile, which displays KPIs illustrating that firm’s performance, and multiple data attributes detailing how the firm compares with similar firms you employ. The Acuity score provides you with immediate insight into those firms who are your best performers and those who are not.

Coming soon – additional Canned Reports providing you with best practices standards for legal management

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