Our software is built to support Legal Operations, Claims and Risk departments. We create smarter solutions to help you manage budgets, costs, create increased efficiencies and outside counsel spend and engagement.

The GreenRoom is your opportunity to experience our software in real-time before you commit to purchasing. In this environment, you can explore all areas of the product, including the ability to create matters, add parties and documents, approve invoices, and run analytics. Though testing out different solutions could add more time to the process of seeking out and selecting the software that’s right for you, we believe it will be worthwhile to play in the GreenRoom. It will also provide you more exposure to the tools available, and perhaps even make you aware of features you didn’t know we have.

Users may review all areas of the product, including the ability to:

  • Navigate, click, edit, revise, save, and delete – the GreenRoom is intended to handle any action, to give you the most comprehensive overview of Acuity
  • Create matters for different practice areas to see the dynamic interface in action
  • Review and approve/delete invoices and look at the Exceptions tab to see our rules engine in action.
  • Perform searches for invoices and matters and use the Data Download tool under the Analytics navigation to see how you can create custom reports.
  • Use data to create analytics dashboards and set up reporting for your specific needs.

Join the GreenRoom today!