Our Mass Tort Software Tackles the High-Volume Invoicing Challenges of Mass Tort Defense with Exclusive Batch Processing Technology

Acuity has the ONLY e-billing, claims management and reporting software solution designed to address the advanced workflow complexities faced by legal teams that coordinate and administer mass tort defense strategies.

Acuity’s Mass Tort flexible SaaS platform is powered by Acuity’s exclusive Batch Processing Technology (BPT). Batch Process Technology allows coordinating counsel to easily toggle between macro-level review and analysis of claim portfolios and micro-level scrutiny and audit at the firm and invoice-specific level. Our Mass Tort software offers five features that facilitate vigilant oversight of the entire mass tort claim lifecycle:

  1. Batch Invoicing by Claimant, State and Entity enables outside firms to bill at an individual claimant level while the corporate client manages work at a holistic level
  2. Batch Review by Firm allows the corporate client to process and analyze work performed by a single firm across all of its claims at one time via a single batch invoice
  3. Advance Invoice Review Tools facilitate swift, in-depth analysis of large batch invoices – reviewers can focus on work performed by one attorney, one type of task for one claimant – or hours billed across all claimants
  4. Configurable Billing and Audit Rules can be applied across all firms, at a specific state / region level or at the firm-specific level – providing coordinating counsel greater billing flexibility than the local firms they oversee
  5. Global Adjustment Tools enable legal teams to edit groups of invoice line items based on task type, fee type, timekeeper and expense type

Our Mass Tort software’s flexible design ensures that insurance and legal teams of all sizes can rapidly realize increases in productivity and decreases in total case costs. The platform supports batch processing in discrete tiers based on the how coordinating counsel organizes their work – most commonly by state, project or entity.

These tools for aggregation allow for intuitive navigation among the complex matrices of claimants, outside firms and low-dollar, high volume invoices incumbent with mass tort administration.

To see how this exclusive platform can help your Mass Tort strategies, request a demo here.