Acuity ELM Features


The GreenRoom is your opportunity to test our leading legal management software in real-time – at no cost and with no obligation. It’s the fastest, easiest way to make a more informed decision before you commit to purchasing. Experience all areas of our tool including the ability to create matters, add parties and documents, approve invoices, run analytics and more. Use the GreenRoom to see for yourself how Acuity can help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage outside counsel.

Firm Scorecard

The Acuity Firm Scorecard uses historical data to provide a real-time assessment of your firm’s performance, measuring year-to-date KPIs such as the number of matters handled by the firm, total invoices pending, total paid to date, and total write-downs.

Dynamic filters enable analysis with all firms used, or law firms handling matters of a specific region, state and/or type of legal work – thus facilitating a stronger comparison. Based on the attributes selected, Acuity gives each firm a score: a weighted algorithm of all the above comparisons  – showing you which firms are your best performers, which are in the middle and which are your lowest performers. The algorithm is configurable – you can determine which aspects are most important and which are least important to you.


You’ve been through a rigorous selection process and have chosen the ELM solution just right for you and your team. The last thing you want to do is lose that positive sales momentum through a difficult and lengthy implementation.

Acuity’s goal is to get you and your team up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We work to make sure your stakeholders realize the success of their efforts. We thrive on meeting or exceeding your anticipated timeline so that you can achieve even faster realization of ROI.

Configurations and Integrations

Use our configuration tools to make the site meet your needs, then integrate seamlessly with your accounting and claims systems.

Features include syncing with Outlook, setting permissions, custom workflows and much more.


Our data is secured using bank-grade 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and is stored in an enterprise-class, secured hosting environment that is backed up daily. All data within Acuity ELM remains the property of the owner and cannot be accessed by any other user.

We have Physical and Operational Security and System and Application Security it place to ensure your data is protected.

Acuity Insights

Acuity’s user-facing AI tool – Acuity Insights – harnessing the latest developments in technology to provide quick visual into trends and alerting you to potential issues. Imagine reviewing monthly invoices from your firms. Will you recognize anomalies in billing patterns and timing? Acuity’s strategically placed AI (icon here) gives you that insight at your fingertips.

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