Acuity Free Trial

Try Before You Buy

Test our Enterprise Legal Management software in real-time – at no cost and with no obligation

The Free Trial gives you the power to actively preview how we can help you reduce costs, increase efficiencies and manage outside counsel spend and engagement. It’s the easiest way to make a more informed decision before you commit. You can:

  • Navigate, click, edit, revise, save, and delete – the GreenRoom is intended to handle any action, to give you the most comprehensive overview of Acuity
  • Create matters for different practice areas to see the dynamic interface in action
  • Review and approve/delete invoices and look at the Exceptions tab to see our rules engine in action.
  • Perform searches for invoices and matters and use the Data Download tool under the Analytics navigation to see how you can create custom reports.
  • Use data to create analytics dashboards and set up reporting for your specific needs.

Are you ready to learn more about Acuity ELM?