Use Acuity as a stand-alone system and configure to your needs and/or take advantage of our experience in integrations to connect seamlessly to internal systems already in place – leveraging your current databases and architecture to streamline your processes – saving even more valuable time and avoiding data mistakes inherent in duplicative manual entry.


  • Comprehensive field dictionary to configure your matters’ displays, capturing the information that’s important to each practice area.
  • Highly flexible permissions module – permissions can be set by feature and data field, allowing you to create roles specific to your organization. Assign users to role(s) by practice area for the most detailed permissions available.
  • Admin Features – configure workflows, alerts, and multiple drop-down selections right from the Utility tool.
  • All data changes are tracked by user ID. Detailed audit histories and user action logs are displayed on most pages and for most actions.

Integrations and Conversions:

  • Most of our clients take advantage of Acuity ‘s flexible integration capabilities to leverage data currently maintained in their internal systems. Contact us for a list of systems we’ve integrated with successfully. Standard integrations include:
    • Claims/ matter management systems
    • AP/ financial systems
    • Internal document management systems
    • HR and employee management systems
  • Outlook – move documents directly into your matter or claim file from your desktop; sync your matter calendar back to Outlook to make sure you are up-to-date and consistent across systems
  • Legacy Data – convert invoice and matter files from existing and legacy systems into usable and reportable data on day one.