Acuity Scorecards

The Acuity Firm and Timekeeper Scorecards use historical data to provide a real-time assessment of the performance of your firms and their timekeepers, including objective data metrics comparing a specific firm or timekeeper to other firms/timekeepers working for tht same client. The filterable Scorecards measure year-to-date KPIs such as the number of matters handled by the firm or attorney, total invoices pending and/or paid to date, and total write-downs.

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The Firm Scorecard includes performance attributes such as:

  • Average legal spend per matter
  • Average number of distinct attorneys working on each matter
  • Average cycle time (from assignment to matter resolution)
  • Average blended hourly rate
  • Average total matter costs (legal spend + other costs such as indemnity, etc)

The Timekeeper Scorecard includes additional metrics such as:

  • Average hours per matter
  • Percentage of line items adjusted
  • Percentage of billing exceptions flagged
  • Average hours billed per week across all matters

What Our Clients Say

"The site is very easy to navigate and understand. Everything is laid out in a simple format where you can see errors/missing rates easily and also correct any issues or enter missing information directly to the invoice. I wish other eBilling sites were as straightforward as Acuity."

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