Centralize, Organize, and Track matter details in one location to allow your in-house counsel to safely communicate and collaborate across all matters.

Matter Management Features


  • Details–build consistent matter profiles and validate data using intuitive entry forms and automated data validation; report and track matter details
  • Matter Status – gain insight into the current stage of your matters and report on cycle time


  • Configurable workflows configure the approval and creation process at the firm, matter, or global level
  • Data Conversions – load historical data into your site prior to go live to immediately begin reporting on data and recognizing trends
  • Integrations seamless integration with your AP/finance systems, internal document management, and HR and employee management systems 


  • Document Management– securely store, search and access documents and other materials in a central repository for quick reference
  • Parties Database review profiles and related documents on experts, opposing counsel, products, and facilities
  • Calendar create and share calendar events with internal and external resources. Integrate with Outlook to share and store vital case information directly from your desk top
  • Permission Driven restrict access to matters based on unique roles for in-house and outside counsel

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