Spend Management


Gain full visibility into your department and manage all of your invoices in one secure system with Acuity’s legal spend software.

Legal Ops Spend Management Features

Ensure Compliance

  • Billing Guidelines automatically enforce your billing guidelines and empower your firms to resolve any issues before they can submit their invoices, thus greatly reducing rejections and appeals
  • Budgets implement and enforce budgets by firm, practice area, or matter. Set up notifications for spend threshold to ensure budget compliance
  • Accruals track and automate accruals, wrap rules around accruals to block bills where accruals have not been submitted 
  • Timekeeper Rates – review, edit, and approve proposed rates, and enforce rate compliance by date and practice area

Optimize Time 

  • Invoice Review – review the invoice at any level – from a high-level overview to timekeeper and task summaries, to line-item details 
  • Configure Workflows set your invoice workflows by practice area, matter, invoice or matter limits, and individual; auto-escalate invoices after a certain time frame
  • Invoice Auto Approval auto approve invoices with low values and no critical billing rule exceptions
  • Assisted AI Approval acuity Insights highlights what you need to know about an invoice before you ever start your review. If there’s an issue, we’ll flag it for you. Learn More >

Ease of Use

  • Integrations – seamlessly integrate with your finance and AP systems to streamline the invoice workflow, eliminate errors, and create efficiency. (link to common integrations)
  • Inquiry feature proactively resolve billing questions with Acuity’s proprietary Inquiry feature. Eliminate the need for post-payment appeals and awkward phone calls.
  • International Currency convert international invoice files, with the ability to toggle between currencies and track applicable taxes.
  • Vendor Management – create unique profiles for your vendors, increasing the speed at which they get paid and gain additional into insight your spend

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