Tired of keeping track of all your emails? Want to improve communication with your legal departments and outside counsel? So far in 2019, we have heard an astounding need for technology communication assistance for legal departments and outside counsel. Here at Acuity, we have Collaboration Tools as part of our product suite to help improve communication with your outside firms.

Today’s legal departments are running more like a business than ever before. They rely on smart people, technology, and excellent communication. But there’s a limit to how well your department can work together without the right tools. Our tools connect your team through an encrypted remote-access system, so they can instantly share documents, strategies, best practices and more. Ensure that everyone – from new team members to seasoned outside counsel – is always in lockstep alignment.

Acuity’s Collaboration Tool Features

  • Calendar – create and share calendar events with internal and external resources. Calendar events relate to specific matters but can be viewed as site-wide or based on permission.
  • Party Management– tap into your team’s Party Database to review profiles and related documents on witnesses, mediators, judges, and opposing counsel.
  • Document Management – store documents, briefs, correspondence, and key legal memoranda.
  • Outlook – integrate your Collaboration databases with Outlook to share and store vital case information directly from your desktop.
  • Eliminate redundant fees by relying on standardized best practice templates.
  • Encourage lockstep alignment of in-house and outside counsel throughout the entire matter lifecycle.

Acuity’s Collaboration Tools Improve consistency of legal representation and quality of outcomes by putting vital intelligence at your team’s fingertips – wherever they are, whenever they need it. Book a demo below to see this product in action.

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