Collaboration, sharing, and communication:  Warm and fuzzy buzzwords?  Or business essential practices?

Collaboration is defined as a recursive process where two or more people or organizations work together by sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus (source: Wikipedia).  It’s about sharing and working together as a team – regardless of location.

Corporate legal and insurance claim departments are constantly seeking ways to better manage their legal issues and efficiently communicate with their internal and external teams.  They know that sharing information is critical to streamlining the management of complex and often disparate matters.  Collaborative technology makes it possible for those departments to share pertinent data with outside law firms in one single secure environment.

How does collaborative technology help corporate legal and insurance claims teams?

Collaborative software and technologies, like Acuity ELM, provide a secure, centralized environment for instant communication and resource sharing among in-house and outside teams across the world.

The benefits of collaborative technology are many:

  • Provides greater efficiency and less duplicated effort.
  • Provides access to valuable resources and lowers costs through sharing those resources.
  • Improves coordination and communication between in-house departments and outside counsel.
  • Provides greater innovation and flexibility to respond to changes throughout a matter or project.
  • Provides access to up-to-date information, trial dates, important hearings, due dates, depositions, etc.
  • Provides improved capacity to demonstrate and share best practices.

At Acuity ELM, we’ve built Exchange, a collaboration network for our clients to share strategies, research parties, witnesses, and opposing counsel, retrieve related documents, and much more. This powerful multi-layered network enables managers to leverage the expertise of their entire legal team. Clients and counsel can share information on a case-specific level, a client-team level, a multiple defendant or joint defense level, or even on an industry level.

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